Route to Orbaneja del Castillo from La Venta de Orbaneja

Route to Orbaneja del Castillo from la Venta de Orbaneja.

Sometimes, especially on dates designated as long weekend or Holy Week, it is truly complicated to visit Orbaneja del Castillo, due to the large number of people and cars that come. There’s hardly a place to park and if you get it, it’s a long way from town. So I propose an alternative, which involves walking a bit, but it is worth it for the views and the landscape that is go overed.

A walk that will surprise you for its beauty. 15 km from Casa Rural La Toba, at km. 66 of the national 623, we will leave the cars in the dead way of the road that we find on the right.

Casa rural La Toba - route to Orbaneja del Castillo from the Venta de Orbaneja
 It looks easy. A frightful silo to store the salt, it will welcome us, next to an old sale. That’s where the road starts, it belongs to the great route of the Ebro, natural roads GR 99. Only 2.2 km. that will take us to the beautiful village Orbaneja del Castillo.
The road, which was used years ago to climb with the carriages to the highlands of the páramo, is well preserved.
Beginning the route we will find what I suppose is a gravestone of three young people who died in the hard confrontations of the civil war that took place in these places. I say I guess, because I have not found more information about it, than the inscription itself with the names and the date.
The path is ideal for both hiking and cycling.
Casa rural La Toba - route to Orbaneja del Castillo cicling
On both sides we will see circular constructions totally of stone, called chozos, that the residents of Orbaneja used as refuge when they worked in the hard lands of the high part and other squares where they put the cattle.
Casa rural La Toba - Chozas of Orbaneja del Castillo
Between oaks and some other walnut, we are accompanied by a small robin.
Casa rural La Toba - turismo ornitológico
As we walk, in less than half an hour, we will be surprised with the fantastic view of the canyons and Orbaneja del Castillo in the background, next to the river Ebro.
Casa rural La Toba - hiking
We will descend surrounded by large rocks, and their curious shapes, which together with the imagination invites us to play to see what they look like. What everyone sees, already approaching the town are the camels kissing and the map of Africa.
Casa rural La Toba - entorno Orbaneja del Castillo
The village of Orbaneja del Castillo, built on a slope and under some impressive stone walls, with its cave, and the water that falls forming beautiful waterfalls between its houses, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places of Castilla y León. In about 40 minutes we will reach Orbaneja. There are several cafes and restaurants, which in good weather take their tables by the stream, in a small square. There is also a craft shop.
The successful combination of spectacular natural landscapes, with a town that has managed to keep all its popular flavor, Orbaneja del Castillo, without a doubt, has configured one of the most beautiful and impressive enclaves that can be seen in the north of Spain.
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