Ebro canyons


Route of Ebro canyons

ruta cañones del Ebro


From Valdelateja we cross the river Rudrón by the bridge, we turn left and we start this route by a path that starts from the church following the direction of Pesquera. The Rudrón joins the Ebro before spotting the Hermitage of Our Lady of Ebro. We cross the river by a footbridge, turn right and skirt the old central.
Our traveling companion, the Ebro, now on our right, takes us to Pesquera between high rocky walls, home to a large colony of griffon vultures. We can enjoy the spectacular landscape for several kilometers, until we reach a chopera, where the detour to the left ascends to Pesquera.
Now we discover the beautiful medieval set, where its solid mansions are characterized by the presence of blazons on their facades.

We left Pesquera for its historic bridge. A short distance from the intersection of the road to Tubilleja, and in the direction of the port of La Eme, begins on our right the old Cortiguera road.

Before leaving this charming corner we passed by the fountain and its monumental palace. We start the route again, along a wider path that leads to Valdelateja through the upper part of the Canyon. From different points of the route, the view over the Ebro is unique.

At a crossroads, the path that goes to the right crosses a holm oak grove, then descends through a curious and fun harbor, before reaching the end of our itinerary, Vadelateja.

Ebro canyons