Route Pesquera de Ebro, Orbaneja del Castillo, San Martín de Elines and Presillas eremitory

Map of the itinerary. 57 kilometers. By car, about 1 hour (not counting the stops and visits).


We leave La Toba rural house and go toward Burgos. At about 18 kms. we will find the deviation to the left that takes us to the town of Pesquera de Ebro. A little over 6 km away is the lookout of the Ebro Cañones.. You have to leave the cars on the side of the road, since there is no parking. The views are wonderful.

canyons of the ebro

We return to take the car and just over a kilometer we arrived at Pesquera de Ebro. We are surprised by an unexpected urban ensemble, set with emblazoned palaces from the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The era of greatest historical splendor of Pesquera de Ebro was in the centuries XVII and XVIII when they lived several families of the nobility, such as the Escalada, Giles, Mazuelo and Gallo, who build their manor houses with coats of arms that form the current population center. It also highlights the medieval bridge over the Ebro, the Church of San Sebastian and the hermitage of San Antonio. Pesquera de Ebro offers beautiful riparian landscapes and is the beginning of numerous routes among which the Ebro Canyon stands out.

Roman bridge Pesquera de Ebro
Roman bridge Pesquera de Ebro

We return where we have come until we reach the national road 623 (Burgos-Santander) and go towards Burgos (on the left).

We continue until we see the deviation to Orbaneja del Castillo. And about 5 kilometers we arrive at Orbaneja. Without doubt one of the most picturesque villages of Burgos. With a large cascade of water that runs between their houses, it makes it unique.


Orbaneja del Castillo

Here we will be walking through its streets for a while. We will leave the car in parking lots that are on the road and walk up to reach the center of town. We will see a stream that crosses the population that comes from the filtrations of the Cueva del Agua. This cave can be visited in summer and weekends.

We continue our route to San Martín de Elines. On the same road to Polientes. After 9 km we arrived, we entered the town and there is this magnificent jewel of Cantabrian Mozarabic and Romanesque art, the collegiate church of San Martín.

Colegiata San Martín de Elines

It is worth visiting indoor, it has a beautiful cloister.

We go back to the road entering the town and headed to Arroyuelo. Without getting into this town, we continue to Presillas, already in the province of Burgos. At the beginning of the town, a path to the right rises up to the cave art chapel of San Miguel.

.Presillas eremitory
We return by the road that has brought us to Presillas and about 800 meters we take the deviation to the left that takes us to Espinosa de Bricia. We continue passing through Cilleruelo de Bricia until we reach the 623 national road. We will take Santander direction until we reach La Toba rural house.

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